What can I expect in terms of benefit?

  • Reduced pain: you may experience improvement after one treatment. Most conditions take between 2-9 treatments for complete alleviation of symptoms. Chronic conditions may require more treatment.

  • Reduced inflammation: most acute inflammatory conditions respond to laser treatment immediately. You will need to follow precautions in order to avoider-injury or the pain may return.

  • Increased tissue healing: laser treatment not only helps injured tissues and wounds heal faster, it also makes them stronger and less vulnerable to re-injury.

What type of ailments does the laser treat?

  • Most muscle, joint, tendon, and nerve pain can successfully be treated with the laser such as the following:

    • Arthritis

    • Back pain

    • Bursitis/tendonitis

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Heel spur/plantar fasciitis

    • Migraines

    • TMJ

    • And many others

How does it work?

  • The laser sends light (photons) into your injured tissues and can penetrate 2 inches without being absorbed by the skin, fat or blood. No heat is generated so it is safe for use anywhere on the body except the eyes, cancer site, tumor site, thyroid gland or fetus. Once the photons find the injured tissues, they stimulate and energized the cells to repair and strengthen at a remarkably fast rate.

  • This treatment does NOT wear off like most medicines, electrical stimulation, heat or ice. It increases your body’s own healing power and enhances that process—true healing. If you don’t reinjure the area, the pain should not return.

How long are treatments? When will I notice results?

  • Treatments last between 10-20 minutes based on the severity of your condition. Most notice results in just one treatment but complete improvement of symptoms may take up to 9.

  • Some connective tissue disorders only heal during sleep, and therefore, results may not be experience until the next day.

Is it safe?

  • Yes. The FDA approved this device with the only warning of “No direct contact with the eyes.” This technology has been used for over 30 years in other countries such as Japan, Europe, Asia, and Canada with great success. It is finally being made available in the United States after 12 years of study and research.

  • Most patients feel nothing during treatment. You may experience some tingling or tapping sensations. Warmth may be felt due to the non-thermal vasodilatation.


1 Session: $35

5 Sessions: $165

$33 each

10 Sessions: $310

$31 each

15 Sessions: $435

$29 each