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Foot pain can result from many different musculoskeletal foot abnormalities such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, hammer toes, bunions and many others. Foot pain can be frustrating, painful and difficult to live with because no matter how bad the pain, standing and walking are required for normal daily living. This means people with foot pain suffer each and every day. However, there is no need to continue suffering and pushing through the pain as the above conditions, in most cases, stem from muscle imbalance and thus treatable. Because we specialize in muscular pain, we are uniquely qualified to help you minimize or eliminate the pain using cutting edge treatments and by creating custom orthotics.

Cutting edge physical therapy treatments include emphasis on the tight muscle bands that are causing the pain. We use manual therapy; trigger point dry needling, stretching, exercise, heat and electrical stimulation. Utilizing the most current research to ensure the treatments are the most effective for YOUR condition. Leon Bradway, the owner of the clinic has over 25 years of experiencing treating foot pain, much of his experience coming from his military experience where foot problems were pervasive. In addition to his extensive experience, he has advanced credentials in manual therapy, manipulation and trigger point dry needling. You are not likely to find a person with more experience or skill in treating foot pain.

No two feet are exactly alike. Orthotics that you buy after stepping on a machine are not truly customized. The machine measures pressure points in your feet and assigns you to a category of prefabricated inserts. While this can be helpful, it can also create further problems depending on the quality of the material and the accuracy of the fit. Custom orthotics are different because the therapist makes a custom mold of your feet and creates orthotics that are specifically designed to correct the cause of your foot pain.

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