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Neck Pain

The neck is sensitive to a great deal of stress. Your neck, or cervical, muscles can become tight or tense due to daily activities such as sitting at a computer desk, slouching while reading or studying, or improper lifting techniques. Neck pain can even radiate into the arms, shoulders, and back. Non-muscular factors, such as vertebrae or disc problems, and illnesses, like meningitis or the flu, can create pain in the cervical area as well. If you notice pain, tightness, tingling, or numbness in your neck, contact your doctor to determine the cause and find a method of treatment that best suits your needs.

Back Pain

Your middle and lower back are other areas that undergo stress throughout the day. Repetition of incorrect lifting and poor posture can lead to increased pain and discomfort in these areas. This pain can originate from the muscles of the thoracic (mid-back) or lumbar (low back) regions or from the nerves surrounding the area. More serious causes of pain, such as herniated discs, should be analyzed by a doctor to determine what steps should be taken to reduce your pain. Back pain can also lead to radiating pain or numbness in the legs or hips. It is a good idea to receive a thorough evaluation from a doctor or physical therapist to find out the cause of your pain so that you can start your road to recovery.

Hand Rehabilitation

Hand Rehabilitation uses a variety of treatment methods along with exercise and stretching to relieve pain in the hand, fingers, or wrist. We use our hands quite a bit throughout the day, and pain in that area can make it difficult to perform your daily activities and tasks. Our program includes modalities such as paraffin wax, ice, heat, ultrasound, or massage to decrease, detailed movements of the hand and fingers, and stretches and strengthening exercises to increase your range of motion.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation is important in order for you to regain muscle function and strength. This rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible after the stroke to prevent additional weakening of the muscles and to increase the chances of regaining skills. Because the intensity of the stroke varies from person to person, the recovery process also varies. More severe strokes will take more time to regain range of motion and muscle strength, but it is not impossible to accomplish. Our program aims to help you with coordination, balance, strengthening, and to relieve muscle tension, pain, or tightness associated with the stroke. Your quality of life can be improved and your independence restored by helping your body overcome the obstacles of dealing with a stroke.

Pediatric Evaluations and Programs

Pediatric Development Evaluations and Programs are geared towards strengthening children with deformities, developmental problems, and other disabilities. All kids deserve the chance to learn and play as much as possible, and we want to help them do this. We will help children progress through their programs so that they can increase their strength, flexibility, endurance, and range of motion as much as possible. We know that kids love to have fun, so we work to provide an environment that is not only fun and enjoyable but comfortable for them as well. Whether it is a developmental problem from birth or a new obstacle to overcome, we are ready to help your child grow in strength and in life.

Pain management is complicated by the fact that prolonged pain can cause you to compensate or "guard" the painful area which causes other areas to begin to hurt. Soon you hurt in many places and begin to feel hopeless that the pain will ever go away. Our physical therapists take the time to perform a thorough examination to ensure we are solving the pain problems not just treating the symptoms. Call us today and let us get you moving again!

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