Leon Bradway has over 25 years of experience in evaluating neuro-muscular systems and designing solutions for individuals who want to perform at the pinnacle of their abilities. He has worked with the men and women in the elite military forces both Navy & Marines; he has also worked with college athletes, and those striving for a higher level of performance (leisure athletes). Using his considerable training & experience, he will analyze your overall conditioning & body mechanics, analyze your posture, balance and Golf Swing alerting you to areas where improvement is needed and can be made. He can fine tune your swing to ensure you are performing at the highest level possible. Leon is not the Golf Pro or the Golf instructor but he can provide you & your pro valuable information needed to improve your game.

Pre-Swing Screening

During the pre-swing screening, Leon will measure and test your posture, alignment, balance, range of motion, flexibility, and strength (both core and overall body strength). Next, he will perform a focused analysis of your swing using a six step program.

Six Step Analysis
  1. Grip - hand contact point and joint alignment

  2. Address - observe position (subtalor knees, hips, spine angle, lumbar, arms, head & neck)

  3. Take Away - Observe reaction of right leg (foot, knee, leg, and pelvic rotation); Observe Position of left leg

  4. Backswing - Observe vertical axis of back-swing (spine angle, head and neck rotation, arm flexion and position); Observer Bi-scapular mobility (Head/shoulder, spine/rib relationship; Head/spine rotation, thoracic/lumbar rotation, scapular mobility)

  5. Impact Zone - Ob-server movement through the impact zone (timing of hands/arms and hip rotation)

  6. Follow-Through Swing—Observe balance at finish, pelvic rotation to target, hip and knee extension/rotation, foot position.


Leon will synthesize the information gathered in his analysis into a concise written report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your Grip, Stance, Take Away, and Swing. He will provide a detailed explanation of the weaknesses and how they can be corrected. Leon will provide recommendations that will help you achieve precision on the golf course.

Additional Services

After the consultation, Leon can also work with you to address the weaknesses in body mechanics or conditioning, which helps you implement the recommendations he has provided. Leon is a licensed Physical Therapist and thus if he notices areas that might require further action, he can work with you and your doctor to provide those services if needed.