I had an amazing experience with SBPMC! I feel as though your office is so organized and very knowledgeable. There was little to no wait time, and it really made my treatment easier. I enjoyed coming to to see everyone each week. So sad you made me all better! 

Margie Jenicek

This is a great place, and it has really helped me with my headaches. All the staff that has worked with me is kind.

Jennifer Lucas

You guys are good and know what you are doing. Thank you for taking good care of me.


Everyone was very welcoming, helpful, and knowledgeable. I have improved more than I thought I would. I can do more of the things I enjoyed doing before my accident and have hope of further improvements.


This treatment went way beyond what I anticipated!


You guys are awesome! Thank you for correcting all of my spots, I won't hesitate to come back. I've had great conversation with all of ya'll. I also enjoyed the music while waiting on my timers to go off :)


The service was wonderful. I now have a lot less Back Pain. I love the staff; they were very helpful and very attentive to me during my session.

Josh Vent

I really enjoyed my time at this clinic, and I am very pleased with the treatment I received. I would highly recommend Dr. Bradway and his clinic to anyone who is considering or needing physical therapy!


I don't have comments for improvements. This is the best PT I have ever been involved with. I am so thankful that I found you.


I have been to many clinics for physical therapy over the years. Y'all by far are the most efficient and get the best results of all of them! I would recommend any who is having problems with pain to come here!

Grant Johnson

I can not say enough great things about Sports, Back and Pain Management Clinic. I came here for a work related injury and had a great team here trying their best to get me back 110% healthy. Very knowledgeable in injuries as well as the perfect plan to execute progress in every session. I can not say enough positive things about the staff. They made me feel apart of their team and strived to work around me needs and schedule. 


I don't have any comments for improving services. I am very grateful to [Dr. Bradway] and the staff for helping me in a caring and professional manner. Everyone has been extremely courteous and it's obvious that they are dedicated to the work of helping others. Thank you for what you do and for helping me. 


To the staff at SBPMC:

Just wanted to say thank you for the time, attention, and care provided at your facility. My right shoulder truly appreciates you! First physical therapy experience was truly positive. Thanks again. 

-Grateful Veteran


I am very pleased with Dr. Reedy, Dr. Bradway, and Dr. Davenport for their professional care and support to help me in the process of healing and recovery. Michael, Kristal, and the front office staff were thoroughly enjoyable, very friendly, and professional. I feel like family here. I would and will recommend Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic to my friends and family. Special thanks to Dr. Clay Reedy - I really appreciate all you have done for me..

Jimmy Walker

At every session, I felt as if my needs, comfort, and expectations were a priority of the entire staff. That said, making sure that procedures to relieve pain and heal properly were always first and foremost, even when I whined or didn't want to do something. Sometimes physical therapy hurts - just have to do it to heal.

Earl "Wayne" Hamman

Dr. Bradway and staff are very wonderful. I appreciate all their help. I will recommend Dr. Bradway and staff to others.


My daily life has been transformed. I did not know I could physically feel so good.


Dr. Bradway is extremely professional and I would recommend him to all my patients at my job.

Derrick Darby

I want to thank all of you for helping me to achieve a better quality of life.


I had a great experience here. The wait was always short and the staff was always friendly. I left each time feeling better than when I arrived. You guys do a great job. Thank you for everything. 

Jonathan Rosson

Leon's explanations were always clear and comprehensive. The dry needling technique was quite amazing in its effectiveness. The PT [techs] were constantly positive and encouraging, cheerful and accommodating. Every time I had a unexpected PT issue, the clinic was very accommodating and appropriate treatment was immediately provided.


I have been to SBPMC for two separate injuries. Both times, my therapists/aides made accommodations in their treatments/exercise plans that addressed another medical condition I have. The "dry needling" technique employed by Alyssa and Leon was SO helpful in quickly relieving my pain. Not only did my injuries heal during my course of treatment at SBPMC, but I had fun!! Everyone at SBPMC makes a point of interacting with the patients and getting to know them as a person and not just an "injury to be treated". Thanks!


The staff did a great job. Very knowledgeable. They took an interest in my welfare and gave me good pointers on stretches to do while at my job to help the muscle tightness. Thanks guys!


At first I was skeptical of the treatment the doctor recommended. However by the next week I was pain free, and two weeks after the treatment, I was back to normal. I'm now a believer.


I liked the friendliness and great attitudes of all therapists, receptionists, and all employees. I have benefited very well. Thanks to all of you, I can move my neck without pain. I am so happy with this clinic! You all are great!

Sandra Rios

I had a great experience. The therapist kept adjusting what she did until we found things that worked. The staff was always in a great mood and friendly. I would definitely recommend you. Also, the front staff worked really hard to find appointment times that worked with my schedule. Thank you!


Thanks to the therapy I received at SBPMC, I was able to keep teaching at our dance studio, and most importantly, I was able to keep active with my 2 year old son. Thank you for aiding me in my recovery.


Staff members were cordial and polite. They were very friendly and knowledgeable of their job responsibilities. They encouraged patients to meet their goals and did not force patients to do exercises when pain was present. Overall, thumbs up to all of the employees.

Latasha Caldwell

I was getting tired of taking pain meds and receiving injections that were not working. My doctor told me that physical therapy would not work due to my spinal condition. On my own, I sought out someone who specializes in lower back pain and decided to take a chance on physical therapy. If my back pain starts up again, I will be sure to go to my physical therapist first before taking a bunch of pain meds and spinal injections.


The clinic staff was great. I put the clinic on my Facebook page. I came in feeling like I was run over by a truck and I'm leaving feeling like a million bucks. Thanks Everybody.


I cannot believe how PT made my headaches disappear!

Evelyn Calloway

I liked the convenience and efficiency of my visits. No time was wasted and the staff got to the treatment immediately. I am really glad I chose this clinic where dry needling is available. I feel that helped my recovery very quickly.

Phillip "Ky" Meuse

[Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic] is excellent and invaluable in my daily life. If it weren't for you, I'd be in a world of hurt-Thank you so much! You are the "ONLY" rehab clinic in my book

Jimmy Mattews

The staff at Sports, Back & Pain Management were great; they explained everything to me. They always worked with me on my appointments scheduling them for me around my work. They always made sure that I was continuing my therapy at home. I would come back to them and would tell all my family and friends to go and see them first.

Penny Bruton

Everything was great! Dr. Davenport was extremely kind and knowledgeable and I loved working with her. 


​I tried every option available to get relief from the pain, chiropractors, other Physical therapists, even acupuncture... at one point surgery was suggested. Finally, a family member suggested I go to Leon. For the first time in years, I now have prolonged relief. I’m not in constant pain, and I’m not having to make multiple trips for therapy each week. Leon has provided me with the relief to stay in the game.

David Elizondo

​Thank you for the patience, care, dedication and responsibility you've shown. Nowadays it is difficult to find medical providers and staff who show that they sincerely care about their patients. I will recommend and speak highly of you and your staff. May God bless you and your staff.

Juana Vela

​I've been to several different clinics & was disappointed. SBPMC made me feel like my needs were a TOP priority. I will recommend the clinic to anyone looking for Therapy. Leon is Fantastic and the entire staff made my appointments a GREAT way to start the Day! Thank You!

Angela Fumasi

​No improvement needed. Dr. Bradway has "saved my life" and I have a whole new outlook on life.

Georgette McCurry

My experience was great! I had never visited or needed physical therapy, so I didn't know what to expect. You guys were top-notch. I always felt comfortable and as if Dr. Bradway took the time to evaluate my condition thoroughly. The recommended exercises were appropriate as my condition improved. Positive staff, positive doctor, positive results


My daily life has been transformed. I did not know I could physically feel so good.


Dr. Bradway is extremely professional and I would recommend him to all my patients at my job.

Derrick Darby

I had a great experience here. Thank you.

Yolanda Sanchez

I want to thank all of you for helping me to achieve a better quality of life.


I had a great experience here. The wait was always short and the staff was always friendly. I left each time feeling better than when I arrived. You guys do a great job. Thank you for everything. 

Jonathan Rosson

The following is a poem that was written by one of our patients dedicated to Dr. Katie Davenport:

"There is a flicker of hope.. an outstretched hand.
It’s a new year, heart beating to the rhythm of a band.

So fragile and precious and fleeting as well.
When you lose your health it really feels like hell.

But you keep going and struggling to find that truth.
Not restored however to the beauty of our youth.

So much left to do..so much beauty.
I will keep talking to my angels who always are on duty,

Lead me the way through the wall of smoke
Restore my body so it is no longer broke"

Christina Laco

Everyone working in this place is wonderful and I can think of nothing to be improved upon. I has been a joy to come here. 

Joanne Lange

Very please with attention and treatment received. I improved greatly within limits of my disability. 


Overall, best experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend this clinic to everyone!

Kaitlyn Free

​I am so pleased with the results of my physical therapy. I can't think of anything I would change or add. Dr. Clay Reedy is an excellent physical therapist. When I began physical therapy many months ago, I  was reluctant to feel hopeful about what the future had in store regarding my pain. I ignored my pain for so long that I thought any improvement would be minimal. Dr. Reedy continually assessed my condition and gave me many "tools for my toolbox" to help me. It was empowering to know that the physical therapy sessions and daily routine of exercising could bring so much relief. It's an incentive to continue the recommended exercises forever.

Susan Strawser

All staff and Dr. Bradway are exceptional in the care of the patient. I never minded coming to the office.


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My time here was great. I have improved greatly since starting treatment. Dr. Davenport was amazing. Thanks for all your help.


I was very pleased with the treatment and services provided. I will recommend to family and friends, and I will definitely return for any other treatments/services.


I think you are fabulous!!


I would not hesitate to recommend services to others.


Best office I have been to!


Ya'll do an amazing job and everyone here is wonderful!


I am very pleased with the treatment that I received ! All of the staff was very friendly and answered any questions I had. I will definitely recommend Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic to everyone I know !

Jeanie Donaldson

Excellent service by all !

I have recommended you all too anyone I know needing PT .


Dr. Davenport was very knowledgeable and friendly at every visit. If needing more physical therapy in the future, I will return to this facility. Thank you!

Amber Mosqueda

I think everything is great. It can't get any better than this. I really enjoyed every single minute I spent in your clinic. I really appreciate that they understood my situation as a Muslim woman that needed privacy. They did everything they could to make my experience there wonderful. I felt very comfortable with everyone in the clinic, especially Dr. Katie Davenport.

Moodi Alshammari

I cannot think of one improvement needed! I was made to feel very comfortable during my personal therapy sessions. My sessions have motivated me to continue what I have learned. I feel I will continue to improve.


I didn't know much about therapy, but I learned a lot from the therapist. I'm very satisfied and happy with the results. I can sleep at night without any pain and walk a lot better without pain. I'd say the results from therapy make me feel 100% better. Thank you.

Eugene Harrison

I am quite happy with the services and care I have received as well as the amount of improvement I have achieved following my hip replacement. Prior to surgery I had a significant reduction in pain and improved mobility as a result of my treatments here with Dr. Bradway. Thank you all very much.

J. Hall

I am very thankful for all that was done here for me. The results were incredible and the difference in me now is out of this world. I feel healthy and happy. Thank you.


The staff was always so kind and caring. They knew what I needed and my needs were always met with a smile. When my therapy was over, I felt like I was losing part of my family.

Rose Kuykendall

What a wonderful experience I had. I feel so much stronger and have much better balance. Loved all the staff. They make PT fun. I would strongly recommend this clinic! Thanks for everything!


I was not sure exactly what was wrong with my back or what had caused the pain I had been experiencing since it had become a gradual chronic condition not caused by a single incident. My therapist determined what areas were affected by my lifestyle and determined what exercises/therapy would treat my condition. All of this was accomplished WITHOUT medications or invasive tests which I had relied on prior to coming to this clinic. The problem causing pain was treated rather than treating the symptoms of the more significant issue. All of this is why I LOVE this clinic. I would recommend it to everybody I know, and it will be the SINGLE place I will come back to in the future if I have a need for treatment. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

Justin Latimer

Visits were personable and therapist took all the time needed with me. The exercise DVD was also very helpful. Making all appointments for one full month ahead of time was also helpful. I am very appreciative that my doctor suggested this therapy.


Physical therapy is the ONLY solution to complete full recovery. Keeping my part of the home exercises only adds to the finish line. Your staff was the greatest!


I did not really know what to expect. I had never had any kind of PT before. I was so impressed with my treatment plan. It covered things like TMJ and ear problems that I never thought of physical therapy as being able to help. I am very impressed!

Carol Gill

Thank you to the entire staff—for their professionalism and care! Each time I came in there was no question as to what our focus and objective was. Each member of the staff (PT, PTA, and technicians) was interested in what was going on with me and my progress. It made me feel very at ease, safe, and valued. My progress was monitored throughout therapy and I truly feel my ankle is stronger and more stable than it was before the injury. Thank you again—God Bless! It was a blessing to work with all the staff

Tammy Cooke

I was impressed that everyone called me by name, even if I hadn’t worked individually with them. The entire staff seemed interested in my improvement and diligently worked to help me. Although dry needling was new to me, I know that it helped to relieve my pain.


The entire process was relieving! For the first time in 4 years, I am able to see true results. After years of pain, pain no longer controls my life. I can enjoy playing sports again without the fear of hurting after a game. The needling procedure was painful at times but was WORTH IT. The strength training was a compliment to the needling process. I CANNOT thank you enough for all the work you and the staff have done to correct my problem in ONLY 6 treatments! I can honestly say with all the other treatments I’ve had, this is by far the BEST I have ever endured.

Raighley Sue Shaw

Staff is cheerful , efficient and helpful. Each of those who worked with me were pleasant and knowledgeable. I'm very glad I took the time to do the therapy. It will benefit me in my everyday life. Thanks for the help!

Faye Schoeneman

I want to thank the staff for my physical therapy. I felt like I was working out with friends which is great. Once again I want to thank you for your fast acting medical attention and also calling the ambulance. Thank you guys and keep doing what you do!

Inez Fields

The therapists made this entire treatment very comfortable. She calmed my nerves when treating me as I was very nervous starting it.

Keith Gilbreath

The staff is very friendly and helpful, and I had a great experience coming here. If I ever need physical therapy again I would definitely come here. Thanks for all y'all's help, I feel much better.


I was able to not only be challenged but encouraged to push myself to grow to reach my goals. I am in the health I hoped to have in 6 months, but with Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic it has occurred in 4 months

McKenna Kukla

Dr. Davenport and everyone at Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic was wonderful. I was skeptical that physical therapy wouldn't fix my problem, but my treatment plan targeted my pain and symptoms and I'm walking out of my last appointment pain free! Thank y'all so much for everything the last couple months!

Madison McMahon

Katie was always enthusiastic and encouraged me during therapy. They worked with my schedule and made me enjoy working out. This is my second time here and I would definitely come back.


It's perfect! I am so thankful for everyone here! I know my condition has improved due to the teamwork of Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic. When I came here for the first visit I was in severe pain and felt hopeless because of daily migraines and neck pain. I graduate today after several weeks of physical therapy. It is actually bittersweet. Everyone here is so kind, helpful, and positive. Most of all Dr. Reedy has helped me leave here today relieved of daily pain and I have a renewed sense of hope. His kindness and positive statements of encouragement helped me keep going. I will forever be grateful! I will continue to use what I've learned here (exercises and stretches) as well as Dr. Reedy's statements of encouragement when I get down on myself, "It's okay." I also know that I have help here if I need it and will definitely highly recommend Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic to family and friends in need.

Robin Wiese

After being able to open my mouth no more than a half an inch, I had surgery on my jaw and was sent to Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic for therapy. I had a great experience with Dr. Katie Davenport and her support staff, with a very professional and friendly atmosphere. I now have complete & normal movement of my jaw without an pain. Thanks!


Well you can't improve the best. I love the entire staff, always smiling and sincere, and absolutely the best sense of humors I've seen in any office. The encouragement from the therapists and the assistants far surpassed my expectations. I would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone! I appreciate all the help and healing. Thanks, y'all.

Sarah Shelton

When I first began I was skeptical and honestly figured it would just be a matter of functioning normally. I am back to firefighting and able to perform better. I walk regularly without pain or limping. This was way beyond what I even thought!!

Traci Ussery

I have found the staff to be both knowledgeable and helpful. We planned the program together and achieved outstanding results. When I came for help with my neck, I was afraid that it would end in surgery, instead I am pain free. Dr. Bradway is awesome as are Dr. Davenport and Dr. Reedy. All the other staff is outstanding.

Sandra Wyatt

My visits have helped me regain my confidence, assurance, and educated me to understand my illness. Thanks to all that are interested in my case. I am more than grateful for their intelligence and appreciate every minute, even though I have my bad days.


Dr. Davenport and support staff had an excellent bedside manner. I had appointments early in the day as well as late and found their demeanor to be consistent day round - which is quite a feat. Wish I had of asked about physical therapy a year ago.


Like always, this experience was very helpful and allowed me to get more mobility without pain. All the therapists were professional, patient, and caring with all their services toward aiding me to get better. I looked forward to doing the exercises, getting needled when needed, and learning how to help myself. Thank you very much for ALL your support and guidance.

Marta Swanner

I had a great experience, my only worry was that seeing different doctors would cause inconsistency with treatment, but the DPT's seemed to be working together and fully communicating with one another. I appreciate Dr. Bradway's commitment to helping me as a patient with the best of his ability. He advocated for me to be healthy and able to continue doing what I love and prevent injuries while dancing! Thank you I had a great experience!


Everyone at Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic were all top notch in their field of therapy. If the occasion arises again, I won't hesitate to give them my business. I would like to thank everyone for their time and all the smiling faces. There was a lot of pain at times, but it was well worth it. Thank y'all. 


Dr. Davenport has been wonderful! She definitely knows her stuff and has gotten me to a pain-free place that I haven't seen for years!

Jamie Candelaria

Dr. Katie Davenport was very knowledgeable and helpful during my therapy. I am very happy with the results of therapy. Thanks.

Arthur Philp

At every session, I felt as if my needs, comfort, and expectations were a priority of the entire staff. That said, making sure that procedures to relieve pain and heal properly were always first and foremost, even when I whined or didn't want to do something. Sometimes physical therapy hurts - just have to do it to heal.

Earl "Wayne" Hamman

Dr. Bradway and staff are very wonderful. I appreciate all their help. I will recommend Dr. Bradway and staff to others.


Thanks for all the help getting my back feeling better so I can keep up with the kids and the college kids. 


You have very good services. You have very good, friendly employees. I will be sure and tell all my co-workers and friends about your Clinic. Thank you for your help. Thanks.


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