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If you are interested starting a new fitness program specifically geared towards your needs, we would love to tell you more about E4Life and sign you up today.

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Golf Swing Analysis & Conditioning

The most important tool in achieving precision with your Golf Swing is your body. Ultimately, your posture, balance, range of motion, flexibility, and overall body strength are key to how well you perform. Further, the body mechanics used in your stance, take away, backward swing, impact and follow-through swing are critical to achieving the precision needed to play at peak performance.

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Custom Orthotics

In conjunction with physical therapy treatments, a custom orthotic might be suggested to help eliminate your foot pain. We can create a custom orthotic or shoe insert that will address your specific problem such that standing and walking will be less painful as you’ll now have the necessary support to relieve the pain and give you a more natural gate pattern.

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