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My experience was great! I had never visited or needed physical therapy, so I didn't know what to expect. You guys were top-notch. I always felt comfortable and as if Dr. Bradway took the time to evaluate my condition thoroughly. The recommended exercises were appropriate as my condition improved. Positive staff, positive doctor, positive results


I was surprised by the results. I was in pain so long it was hard to imagine the simple exercises would be se effective so fast. Dry needling - no picnic at first, is incredible with long lasting results. Everyone is knowledgeable and very helpful. I will definitely return if I need to and will recommend Sports, Back & Pain Management Clinic highly! Thanks.

Carolyn Bienski

I tried every option available to get relief from the pain, chiropractors, other Physical therapists, even acupuncture... at one point surgery was suggested. Finally, a family member suggested I go to Leon. For the first time in years, I now have prolonged relief. I’m not in constant pain, and I’m not having to make multiple trips for therapy each week. Leon has provided me with the relief to stay in the game.

David Elizondo

Thank you for the patience, care, dedication and responsibility you've shown. Nowadays it is difficut to find medical providers and staff who show that they sincerely care about their patients. I will recommend and speak highly of you and your staff. May God bless you and your staff.

Juana Vela

The staff at Sports, Back & Pain Management were great; they explained everything to me. They always worked with me on my appointments scheduling them for me around my work. They always made sure that I was continuing my therapy at home. I would come back to them and would tell all my family and friends to go and see them first.

Penny Bruton

R.R was born and raised in Chicago, then moved to New York, where he met his wife while he was walking his dog. He worked as a chemical engineer, where he ran his own plant, until he moved to College Station. He started having some pain in his back that just kept getting worse and worse. It got to the point where he was sitting around a lot because of the pain. It made it difficult to walk, and especially to walk the dog. He went to his orthopedic doctor, who gave him an injection for relief, but the pain was still there.  The doctor then sent him to the Sports, Back and Pain Management Clinic to be evaluated. He said, “the evaluation was very thorough”. He was excited about getting started with treatment since he now knew that something could be done to eliminate the pain. He was also given home exercises which he did regularly to ensure his progress was constant. His favorite part of physical therapy was that it really helped! He always felt better when he left his appointments. He says the staff and doctors were very good. He also recommends that if you ever have any pain, you definitely want to go to the Sports, Back and Pain Management Clinic, “they know what they’re doing and can figure out what is wrong and help you”. He came into the clinic with a pain level of 8 and was discharged with a pain level of 1. He is now able to be more active, and of course walk his dog!


I cannot believe how PT made my headaches disappear!

Evelyn Calloway

I was getting tired of taking pain meds and receiving injections that were not working. My doctor told me that physical therapy would not work due to my spinal condition. On my own, I sought out someone who specializes in lower back pain and decided to take a chance on physical therapy. If my back pain starts up again, I will be sure to go to my physical therapist first before taking a bunch of pain meds and spinal injections.


I liked the friendliness and great attitudes of all therapists, receptionists, and all employees. I have benefited very well. Thanks to all of you, I can move my neck without pain. I am so happy with this clinic! You all are great!

Sandra Rios

I have been to SBPMC for two separate injuries. Both times, my therapists/aides made accommodations in their treatments/exercise plans that addressed another medical condition I have. The "dry needling" technique employed by Leon was SO helpful in quickly relieving my pain. Not only did my injuries heal during my course of treatment at SBPMC, but I had fun!! Everyone at SBPMC makes a point of interacting with the patients and getting to know them as a person and not just an "injury to be treated". Thanks!


I was not sure exactly what was wrong with my back or what had caused the pain I had been experiencing since it had become a gradual chronic condition not caused by a single incident. My therapist determined what areas were affected by my lifestyle and determined what exercises/therapy would treat my condition. All of this was accomplished WITHOUT medications or invasive tests which I had relied on prior to coming to this clinic. The problem causing pain was treated rather than treating the symptoms of the more significant issue. All of this is why I LOVE this clinic. I would recommend it to everybody I know, and it will be the SINGLE place I will come back to in the future if I have a need for treatment. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

Justin Latimer

I did not really know what to expect. I had never had any kind of PT before. I was so impressed with my treatment plan. It covered things like TMJ and ear problems that I never thought of physical therapy as being able to help. I am very impressed!

Carol Gill

Thank you to the entire staff—for their professionalism and care! Each time I came in there was no question as to what our focus and objective was. Each member of the staff (PT, PTA, and technicians) was interested in what was going on with me and my progress. It made me feel very at ease, safe, and valued. My progress was monitored throughout therapy and I truly feel my ankle is stronger and more stable than it was before the injury. Thank you again—God Bless! It was a blessing to work with all the staff

Tammy Cooke

I want to thank the staff for my physical therapy. I felt like I was working out with friends which is great. Once again I want to thank you for your fast acting medical attention and also calling the ambulance. Thank you guys and keep doing what you do!

Inez Fields

I had a great experience, my only worry was that seeing different doctors would cause inconsistency with treatment, but the DPT's seemed to be working together and fully communicating with one another. I appreciate Dr. Bradway's commitment to helping me as a patient with the best of his ability. He advocated for me to be healthy and able to continue doing what I love and prevent injuries while dancing! Thank you I had a great experience!


The following is a poem that was written by one of our patients dedicated to Dr. Katie Davenport:

"There is a flicker of hope.. an outstretched hand.
It’s a new year, heart beating to the rhythm of a band.

So fragile and precious and fleeting as well.
When you lose your health it really feels like hell.

But you keep going and struggling to find that truth.
Not restored however to the beauty of our youth.

So much left to much beauty.
I will keep talking to my angels who always are on duty,

Lead me the way through the wall of smoke
Restore my body so it is no longer broke"

-Christina Laco

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